Invest, Play, and Win.

WORM is the utility and governance token of WormFi, a blockchain-based provably fair gaming ecosystem.

Provably Fair Gaming on BSC

Provably Fair

Hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, rounds are randomized and may bust anywhere from 1x-1000x.

Multi Player

Rounds are automatic and happen all the time. Multiple players can join rounds to multiply their tokens.

Multi Winner

Although the top winner receives the largest share of the prize, others who score similarly will win.


Users win WORM from the bankroll and stakers receive distributions from profits of the house edge.

Cross Border

Get the opportunity to compete with friends and other users from around the world every single day.

WORM Token

WORM tokens get you special access to enter into Bust or Lotto games. There is a 1 billion total supply.